• Telecom Infrastructure

    We deliver complete Consulting in Telecommunication with global logistics capabilities and turn key Site Execution.

    Site Acquisition Services:

    Site identification
    Site survey reports
    Site surveys
    Building structure design
    Lease Contract
    Lease negotiations with land and property owners
    Procurement and site logistics

    We provide a vast range of radio and Infrastructure products ranging from RF antennas to site deployment solutions such as towers and masts (including monopoles), rooftop solutions, environmental solutions for sensitive sites with special planning and/or aesthetic considerations, and equipment shelters, which can be fully equipped if required.

    Antennas for Mobile Communications (our bouquet of antennas covers all cellular frequency bands )
    Tower Mounted Amplifiers (indoor antennas, splitters, couplers, attenuators, termination units)
    Repeaters & Boosters
    Feeders and accessories
    Towers & Masts (self supporting towers, guyed masts, monopoles, cellular trees)
    Rooftop Solutions (roof cable management, antenna mounting solution, outdoor equipment platform and safety handrail)
    Environmental Rooftop Solutions (false generator room, screening, false chimneys, fa├žade enclosures, flagpoles)
    Shelters: fully equipped radio rooming-door System Components

    greenfield, rooftop, microcell, repeater, indoor, intervention, Wi-Fi...

    site leveling, excavation, concrete works ,tower erection and paint, materials craning, electrical installation, grounding protection, mechanical installation, RF installation, site acceptance, commissioning...

    Radio and transmission services
    Survey, SIR and SID reports, Radio swap, Node B installation, Commissioning, Integration, MW hop installation and alignment, Transmission swap and extension, Radio optimization and tuning

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