• Telecom Maintenance

    Sultan steel comprehends the significance of managing a network, especially that we deal in constructing telecommunications sites. Once constructed suites need maintenance, upgrade and support. From general inspection passing by preventive maintenance to the experience in the network optimization, we acquire the background sets to ensure the network efficiency.

    Our service portfolio in that area covers the following:
    Network audit and optimization
    Network maintenance

    Network maintenance

    Preventive maintenance
    Sultan Steel founders and consultant teams has built up a huge experience within both inspection and design of telecommunication structures, especially steel structures. Our inspectors have experience not only within inspection and maintenance, but also structural analysis and behavior. Sultan steel is therefore capable of conducting thorough maintenance inspections and damage assessments on various telecommunication structures. As a part of a routine inspection or an urgent damage investigation, our consultants can locate critical areas of the structures in need of either long-term maintenance works or immediate repairs. This could be anything ranging from surface treatment to imminent structural collapse, i.e. bended diagonals on towers or damaged guy ropes in masts. Inspection results are collected in detailed reports supported by photos and accompanied by suggestions or strategies for future maintenance. Our maintenance service typically includes the preparation of a maintenance or repair project with technical specifications, tender documents and the subsequent supervision of the works.

    Operational maintenance
    This activity handles the whole issues of maintenance such as radio, switching, environmental, equipment, and mechanical maintenance. This is achieved by periodic and well planned sites visits and inspection. An analysis is then elaborated based on the visits and inspection results to provide continuous progress. In addition, there is the on-call duty, where the section teams are spread regionally and have at their disposition the necessary equipment and tools to provide customer support around the clock. This leads to nearly continuous non-interrupted services.

    Continuous maintenance
    electrical boards
    electrical components
    fuel refilling

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