• About 360 Engineering

    360 has executed a diverse and far-reaching portfolio of major construction projects in all sectors. Our clients recognize our commitment to deliver the highest quality work on schedule and within budget. In meeting these objectives, we consistently place our emphasis on health, safety and the environment. Stringent procedures are enforced at every step of every job as we continue our drive to improve performance and exceed client expectations.


  • 360 Engineering Approach

    Design-Build is an optimum one-stop approach to the completing of commercial, industrial or institutional buildings & complexes of all kinds. People have gotten used to the idea of design-bid-build, that's doing the design with one company and then taking the design to another builder company, which has proved not to be an efficient process regarding time, budget control and accuracy. In the design-build process, you have a single contract with the builder to provide architectural and engineering design services in addition to construction itself.

    So, when someone hires "360 Engineering" to design and then build a project, he will definitely eliminate potential conflicts between the architect and the builder, the designer and the constructor, the interior decorator and the furniture supplier, and so on. He will be saving time and money because the design and construction processes are integrated from the onset. Responsibilities and risk are allocated, and from the beginning, to those people who can best handle and manage them. The project will be designed to suit the client's project needs and budget parameters from the first sketch to the final brick.

    "360 Engineering" has been using the design-build process for over a decade now, on a variety of commercial, industrial and institutional projects, including commercial building and villas, factories and plants and government buildings and facilities in Lebanon, Morroco and Dubai. The company has gained the knowledge, the reputation and the experience to handle any project of any scope.

  • Being a solution provider through the design-build process, 360 Engineering can offer the following:

    - Innovative construction methods and creative solutions
    - International financial and physical resources
    - Expert project management and organization
    - Excellent records of quality assurance and safety record
    - Aesthetically pleasing and completely functional cost control and scheduling
    - Talented architects and realistic designs
    - Immediate stop of expensive backtracking
    - Tailor made solutions for fast-track construction
    - Excellent handling of the much time-consuming project management
    - A relieving risk handling team
    - A brilliant elimination of the time consuming and expensive elaborate proposal competition.